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Welcome to my website. I am a Tudor Historian, best known as the webmistress of, a website dedicated to the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). For many years I have been an independent scholar, working on several research projects, and was recently asked to write a book for Pen and Sword Books about Queen Elizabeth I's ladies in waiting. I am also working on another book about Queen Elizabeth I.

I also enjoy writing poetry and plan to publish in the near future a tragedy in verse drama that I wrote some years ago. I am in the process of polishing up the drama and making substantial changes to the version I originally wrote. The play is inspired by the Elizabethan greats, and is in a style similar to Shakespeare and Marlowe, but is first and foremost a poetry piece. The play is perhaps best described as a dark fairytale set in medieval Wales. I am also working on another poetry play based on an old Welsh legend.

I am also a novelist and a few years ago published a fantasy novel for children aged 8+ entitled Galastra. It is a space adventure story, which you may say is something of a departure from Tudor history and Shakespeare, but I have always loved fantasy adventures and wanted to write a series of uplifting fantasy books about the wonderful imaginary world of Galastra (a spaceship so big that it's a world of its own). So far I have only written the first book, but am (very slowly) working on the second. I could not keep the Tudors out of the story entirely, however, and named the main character, Beth Ryder, after Queen Elizabeth I. When publishing it I did consider using another name, to keep my historical and fictional work separate, but as I'm sure most people, like me, have more than one interest, I decided to write all my works under one name. I am also editing, with aim to publishing, a Welsh version of Galastra translated by my father Dafydd Thomas (a Welsh lyricist and song translator).

I also write the occasional song lyrics and am a member of the PRS. Recently my friend, Welsh country music singer Karen Ann, released a CD entitled Forever and I wrote the lyrics to two songs: the title track and I don't want to feel the pain. Some of the songs I write have melodies so please get in touch if you are looking for original songs to record or to perform.

I am Welsh and live in North Wales, not far from Penmynydd where, in so many ways, the Tudor story began. I have always been inspired by Welsh legends and myths and the many medieval castles I grew up around. Although I write in English, most of my creative work has a Welsh influence or is set in Wales.

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